It can be a bit daunting to go somewhere new. We've answered a few FAQ's to make your visit as comfortable as possible;

WHAT ARE YOUR CORE BELIEFS AT ST MATTS? Here at St Matt’s we have a common purpose - to understand what God says to us in his Bible, so me might know and serve Jesus Christ as God’s unique son. As part of the Sydney diocese of the Anglican church, we hold to the great Reformation doctrines contained in the 39 Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer. For more information please visit....

WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE GO TO ST MATTS? People like you. Our church family is made up of all sorts of different people and that’s just the way we love it! There are people from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, all ages and varying professions. We pay mortgages or rents, have jobs that we either love or hate, have fun but also problems, challenges and everything else that comes as part and parcel of life. However, what really unites us together is that we trust God has forgiven us our wrong doings through Jesus's death in our place and his rising to life again.

WHAT ABOUT MY CHILDREN? Kid’s are important to us at St Matt’s and that is good because over 50 kids come along on Sunday mornings. We have a full children’s program for kids from crèche (aged 1-3 years) up to Year 6. You can drop the little ones in crèche before you head into church and pick them up after. They are also welcome to stay in church with you if you'd prefer. The kids from ages 3 and up start with us in church to sing and hear a kid’s talk before going to their different programs. Those in High School are welcome to stay in the service.

HOW LONG DOES CHURCH GO FOR ON A SUNDAY? Morning Church starts at 10am, Night Church starts at 6:30pm and the structured part of our time together normally takes around 70-80 minutes. Both services have a short break in the middle to grab a cuppa. Afterwards we share Morning tea/ Supper together. People are welcome to stay around to chat or continue over lunch/supper at a cafe in the area.

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO CHURCH? Clothes preferably! Our church meetings are not formal occasions so please don’t feel like you need to ‘dress up’. Most of our members wear the kind of clothes they might put on when going out for a coffee with friends or a movie. Jeans or shorts are perfectly fine!

WHAT IF I CAN’T BELIEVE ALL THIS CHRISTIAN STUFF YET? Our church family wants to be a place where anybody can come along to ‘check Jesus out’, and to ask their questions in an open and honest way. We really do love meeting new people and chatting with them about why we have all made the decision to trust and follow Jesus. To answer questions that people might have about Jesus more deeply, we regularly run courses called, “Exploring Christianity” with about 6-8 people. So regardless of what you do (or don’t) believe at the moment, we would love you to come along to church, or any of our other activities, and we look forward to meeting you there!

WHAT IF I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? We have coffee break time as part of our service if you would like to ask a regular member then, alternatively there are communications slip you could complete. If you would like to fill this in, you can put it in the perspex box up the back and someone will get back to you privately. You can contact one of the ministry team to discuss your questions more during the week.

DO YOU ONLY DO STUFF ON SUNDAYS? Sundays is an important part of our church family life, in addition, we also get together at different times throughout the week to read and discuss the Bible with each other. To see everything that happens throughout the week have a look here

If there is anything we've forgotten please ask us. Contact us here