Easter 2018

The Easter Long weekend is a “holiday”, which is a word that comes from the old saying “Holy Day”.  Holy days were special days that were set apart from the regularity of everyday life to celebrate our relationship with God and each other.  Easter was the most “holy” for what it celebrated; the death and rising to life of God’s Son, Jesus.   

Recently Easter has departed from that and means many different things to different people. For some it is the last time to go camping before winter hits, or a time to go to The Easter Show, while for others it is a good time to get some jobs done in the house and garden.  These are fun things to do but often serve to distract us from the solemnity of what the holiday is supposed to draw us to, the reality of life and death.  

This weekend our home will attempt to practically display the holiness of Easter through one of our jobs in the of garden.  We will plant seemingly dead sweet pea seeds, in the hope they will rise to a new and beautiful life in their time.  

Amongst your jobs and leisure this 4 day weekend, take some time to reflect on your mortality through something you do.  Please don’t lose the chance to be reminded of the death and resurrection of Jesus and what it means for you.