St Matt’s is a local Anglican Church in Sydney. Some important summaries of our beliefs include;

What we believe about the Bible:

The Bible is God’s inspired word to us.  It is more than a guide book and has authority in all parts of life and faith.  The bible will always be read and explained (through a sermon) at every church service and we encourage everyone to read it outside of church and hear God speak to them through it.

What we believe about God: 

There is only one God in three “persons”.  God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all God.  In the person of Jesus the Son came to earth via the Holy Spirit and his birth of the Virgin Mary.  Jesus died on the cross and was physically raised from the dead and then returned to heaven. We have the full expectation of the return of the Lord Jesus.

What we believe about people:

Humans are created in the “image of God” and are loved by God and capable of having a loving relationship with God. However, all of humanity has “sinned” and fallen short of the glory of God. As a result we deserve God’s judgement and anger. But God, in His love and mercy, rescues us from the guilt, penalty and power of our own sin only through Jesus’ death which takes our punishment. When we trust in God’s work to save us, rather than our own work to please him, He gives each believer the Holy Spirit to live within them. We trust that just as Jesus was raised from the dead, we will be raised too. 

These beliefs are derived from The Bible and adhere to the great Reformation doctrines contained in the 39 Articles of Religion (one of the founding documents of the Anglican Church worldwide). These beliefs are also contained in the Nicene Creed to which we hold.